Curo pumps are a South African based company established in 1980. Curo Pumps has an unrelenting quest for excellence and continual improvement. All their operational systems are aligned to local SABS and international ISO 9001:200 criteria. We offer the full range of Curo products, to find out more about this company visit their website.

We can offer the following:

Multi-Stage Range (LTF and LTS)

The Multi-Stage (LTF LTS) Range is a range of Horizontal Centrifugal pumps. They are designed to cover heads varying from approximately 40 meters to 700 meters, flows from 2 litre/sec to 250 litre/sec.

DL-DB End Suction Range

The DL-DB Range are Centrifugal End Suction Pumps and manufactured in South Africa to the DIN Standard 24255. They are capable of producing flows up to 500 cu m/hr and heads up to 100 metres. This range can operate in temperatures of –10°C to 105°C

NF Suction Range

These horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps are of the back pull out design. Pump rotation is clockwise when view from the drive end. They are suitable for operation at various other shaft speeds e.g. when direct coupled to diesel engines or when driven via speed reduction gearboxes, or belt driven.

This range of pumps has been designed to cover heads varying from approximately 15 metres to 90 metres, and flows from 150 cu m/hr to 1600 cu m/hr

Chemical Pump Range

The Chemical  Range is a subsection of the DL-DB range with similar curves and duties. However this range can be manufactured in a wide range of materials to suit the fluid properties. They are typically used as sump pumps, wash down dumps, drain pumps, and any submersible application

Mixed Flow Vertical Pump Range

These pumps are made simply with innovation for greater savings on maintenance. Special Spider Bearings for shaft support and lubrication. No threaded shafts that must be cut. Designed for Easy Assembly and Disassembly. Exceptionally smooth running. Smart coupling design to save shafts.