Chemical Range

Horizontal centrifugal pump

according to EN 733 (DIN 2455)

System characteristics

The chemical range has the same design as the DL-DB range however it has a wider range of materials to choose form depending on the qualities of the pumping liquid.

The pumps can be made from:

  • 316 SS – Stainless Steel
  • A-20 – Carpenter Stainless
  • CD4MCu – Stainless Steel
  • Alloy 2205 – Stainless Steel
  • H-B – Hastelloy Alloy – B
  • H-C – Hastelloy Alloy – C
  • Ti – Titanium Unalloyed

There is also an option for a DVS pump which involves a vertical spindle produced in Stainless Steel, that operates within a sump.

Typical applications are sump pumps, wash down pumps, drain pumps, and any submersible application.

Technical Data

Maximum Capacity: 500 m3/hr

Maximum Delivery Head: 100 m

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 105 DegC