DL-DB End Suction Range

Horizontal centrifugal pump

according to EN 733 (DIN 2455)

System characteristics

The Standard materials used in construction are Cast Iron / Cast Iron, Cast Iron / Bronze and Stainless Steel / Stainless Steel.

The Shafts are sealed using either gland packing or mechanical seals. Grease lubricated bearings are standard in the DL-DB Range.

These Centrifugal End Suction Pumps have the following standard arrangements:

DL – Long-coupled, Back pull out, canter lever type bearing bracket or for additional support use the HSR bearing pedestal,

DB – Closed coupled – compact, back pull-out.

Technical Data

Maximum Capacity: 500 m3/hr

Maximum Delivery Head: 100 m

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 105 DegC