We are the sole distributor for the entire range of Johnson Pumps in Zimbabwe and surrounding territories. Johnson has in its range of pumps centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, rotary lobe pumps, flexible impeller pumps, sump pumps, vortex flow pumps, self priming pumps, bilge pumps, and marine engine cooling pumps. These are made to international standards such as ISO, DIN, API (Johnson is ISO 9001 certified). In Zimbabwe, we are licensed to manufacturer of over 70 types of the single stage and multistage centrifugal pumps in cast iron and bronze configurations at our Willowvale factory. Casting and machining is sub-contracted to local engineering firms.

We are sole agents in Zimbabwe, for the Curo range of DL/DB end suction stainless steel pumps, their multistage cast iron centrifugal pumps and their NF range of heavy duty centrifugal pumps used in the agricultural, mining and industrial markets.

We carry in stock a full range of spares, components for the pumps sold subject to prior sale and availability of currency.

All our products are warranted for twenty four months and we provide a comprehensive technical back-up, repair, training facilities and training courses on the selection, operation, maintenance and trouble shooting for products through our professional and technical staff. Cochrane Pumps Zimbabwe has its own pump test bed facility which has a restricted capacity.

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The company sub-contracts out cast iron and bronze castings to local foundries, and the machine work to selected local engineering firms. Finished machined components are brought into stock and assembled as required at our Willowvale factory, into bare shaft pumps and pump sets.

Over 70 pump types are locally produced. We have a capability of manufacturing over 100 pumps per month on average.

As our pumps have a large degree of standardisation, some components are stocked as sub-assemblies. This allows us to maximise our utilisation of components when producing the wide range of pumps needed on time.