VerderFlex Dura

Peristaltic Positive Displacement Pump

System characteristics

The innovative hose pump is highly compact and easy to maintain. Its unique design reduces the footprint by up to 70% compared to conventional peristaltic pumps. The Dura range performs exceptionally well with abrasive slurries, dry running liquid feeds, shear sensitive polymers, high viscosity sludge and dosing applications


Chemical manufacturing – Reagents, Activated Carbon, Additives, Slip
Water & wastewater treatment – Flocculants, Reagents, Hypochlorite, Lime, Sludge
Food and beverage processing – Fruit, pulps and syrups, Diatomaceous Earth, Yeast, Waste sludge, Anaerobic digestion & biogas – Food waste
Manufacturing – laminates, Paint & Lacquer production – Resins, Plastics industry – Slurries, Printing – Inks, Paper and pulp processing – Bleaching Agents
Pharmaceutical Industry – Broths and Suspensions, Creams and Shampoos
Mining – Flocculants (SIBX), Thickened Slurry

Technical Data

Maximum Capacity: 15,3 m3/hr

Maximum Discharge Pressure: 16bar

Performance Data

For more detailed performance data please contact us.